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Dawn of a New Era Podcast with Entrepreneur Dawn McGruer| Marketing | Motivation | Mindset |

Sep 17, 2020

In this episode I’m talking all about ways of coping with imposter syndrome because over the past 20 years I have gone through imposter syndrome on and off consistently. And I probably will for the rest of my life.


It's not something that you should be worried about. It is a completely normal feeling and it is part of our human nature to doubt ourselves. But we can use this and we can embrace the feeling. 


We can utilise it to remember how we felt and use that energy to drive us forward.

Here are the highlights from this episode:


{1:35} My experience with Imposter Syndrome

{3:07} Embrace the feeling and let it go

{7:26} Track your success

{11:16} Having the right mindset and motivation

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