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Dawn of a New Era Podcast with Entrepreneur Dawn McGruer| Marketing | Motivation | Mindset |

Sep 9, 2021

In this episode we are celebrating the launch of The Power Circle - a brand new program combining my 20 years of experience in business by helping you succeed!

Running a successful business isn't luck; it takes hard work, focus and, importantly, you need to keep yourself happy, healthy and motivated. So in this episode we will be sharing 4 tips to help you design your perfect day.


Here are the highlights:

{1:49} The Power Circle

{2:49} Give value and be true to yourself

{3:52} Love it or leave it

{5:01} Break actions into manageable chunks

{7:39} Influencers dominate one channel - they focus and they succeed

{11:12} Plan to your genius zone

{15:19} Let's put the fun back into business

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